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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Wealth is yours to define.

It’s our job to help you discover what true wealth really means to you, and give you the opportunity to enjoy it more. We'll help you to define wealth (on your terms) and to transform your prosperity into a life-enhancing asset. We do this through a trusting relationship, a truly collaborative approach, and sound advice that's both independent and unbiased. We consider it our responsibility to build our relationship through a deep understanding of your unique financial and personal situation, so we're able to incorporate your vision into a comprehensive financial strategy that you clearly understand.

Find Out What Peace of Mind Feels Like . . .

Our clients know they can depend on us to handle all the worrisome and complicated issues relating to their money and investments, and that we we'll help them to make informed choices around those. They use us as an information filter on all things financial. They tell us they appreciate us sorting through all the ‘noise’ around investments and money and that we make sure they know what’s important to them. We really think of them as our partners, and all agree that it’s OUR job to stay informed and on top of these things on their behalf, so that they can rest easy and make running the rest of their lives their top priority.

As our client, you benefit from our experienced insights as well as the recommendations of an Expert Panel of other professionals. We bring the best minds in our extensive network together to analyze your situation and provide specialized advice.The result: a comprehensive, integrated wealth management plan that resolves challenges, creates opportunities and enhances your financial well-being.

From lifestyle to retirement planning; investing to risk management; charitable giving to tax strategies; and private banking to estate planning*, we have the expertise to help you navigate the complexities of wealth consistent with prudent management, and to be a responsible financial steward at the same time.
* Offered through Canaccord Genuity Wealth & Estate Planning Services